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End of US highway 2 (eastern segment)

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Photo credits: Carter Buchanan; Matt Miller; Robert Mortell; Alex Nitzman; Steven Taylor

Approx. time period East terminus West terminus
1926-1930 Houlton, ME (near Alburg, VT)
1930-present Houlton, ME Rouses Point, NY

There is also a separate western segment of US 2. The east end of the eastern segment of US 2 is near the Canada border just outside Houlton ME. The photo below was confusing to me, until I looked at a map and saw that I-95 actually runs due east/west through Houlton and into New Brunswick. US 2 heads east out of Houlton (which is about a mile to the left), but the highway turns north just shy of the Canada border and ends at the last exit on I-95 (interchange 63):

Miller, Nov. 2001

Below is a daytime closeup of that assembly:

Taylor, Oct. 2004

Straight ahead will only take you to the onramp for southbound I-95 (the photo below was taken from that overpass). If you were to go right in the photo above (to north I-95), you would be on the on-ramp visible at far right in the photo below:

Miller, Nov. 2001

That's looking east along the northbound barrel of I-95. The building in the median is the US customs station. The Canada line is right about where the road bends in the distance. Of course, before I-95 was built, it was US 2 that provided access to this border crossing, so its historic east end was in the distance.

When Matt took these photos, it was about 2 months after 9-11-2001, and apparently security was on high alert. He writes:

"...right after I took these pictures, I got boxed in by U.S. Customs, U.S. Border Patrol, and the Maine State Police. They asked me every question in the book, searched the car, ran my plates/license number, had a dog come around and search the car... They didn't confiscate the camera, though, so alas I still have these pictures today."

I never imagined I'd be getting people in trouble by soliciting photos of highway signs! Others didn't have any problems though; here's a shot from the last exit on northbound I-95:

Buchanan/Nitzman, June 2005

That exit leads to the east beginning of US 2. The offramp has the following assembly:

Buchanan/Nitzman, June 2005

When you turn that direction, you're heading south, but US 2 traffic is directed to take another right:

Buchanan/Nitzman, June 2005

If you do so, you're soon reassured with the first westbound sign...

Buchanan/Nitzman, June 2005

...but if instead you were to turn left there (which you can no longer do), that would be where US 2 used to run before I-95 was built. Not far in that direction, the old border inspection station still stands, mellowing with age:

Mortell, 1998

So that would be the historic east end of US 2. Below is a close-up:

Mortell, 1998

Both the east and west segments of US 2 were among the original 1926 routes. Back then, apparently the east segment didn't quite make it into Rouses Point - it ended just east of there, at the New York state line near Alburg VT. But by 1930 the designation had been extended into New York, and the west end of the eastern segment of US 2 has been in Rouses Point ever since. You can view photos and maps from there on this page.