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End of US highway 19

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Photo credits: Carter Buchanan; Justin Cozart; Jeffrey Duly;Alex Nitzman; Michael Summa

Approx. time period North terminus South terminus
1926-1928 Erie, PA Lawrenceville, GA
1928-1929 Erie, PA Thomasville, GA
1929-1930 Erie, PA Tallahassee, FL
1930-1954 Erie, PA St. Petersburg, FL
1954-present Erie, PA Memphis, FL

The north end of US 19 has always been in Erie PA - although the exact location has changed a few times since 1926. You can view photos from there on this page.

During its nascent years, the south end of US 19 was continually in flux. In the original plan, the route existed in two segments: one running from Erie to an intersection near Gauley Bridge WV - and the other running from Bluff City TN to Lawrenceville GA. Maps from the following year already showed these two segments joined. By 1928 the south end of US 19 had been extended to Thomasville GA, and to Tallahassee FL the next year. There, I'm guessing the route would've ended right at the State Capitol, shown below:

Duly, 2003

That's looking west on Apalachee Parkway, approaching Monroe Street. That's probably where US 19 ended from 1929-30 (and also where US 319 probably ended from 1934-35). But I doubt any of these endpoints were ever signed as such, because already by 1930 US 19 had been extended down to St. Petersburg, where it remained for the next quarter-century (you can view photos from there on this page).

In 1954 the Sunshine Skyway was built across Tampa Bay, and the US 19 designation was extended across the new bridge to its current terminus. Today most people think of the Skyway as I-275, but US 19 continues to use the bridge as well. At the first exit (Terra Ceia), US 19 is routed south for just a couple miles, ending at its junction with US 41 in Memphis (just north of Bradenton):

Buchanan/Nitzman, Dec. 2005

In that photo, traffic from US 41 merges in from the left. The photo below shows the south beginning of US 19 as seen from northbound US 41:

Cozart, Apr. 2004

Alex reports those panels were replaced in 2006 - the shields look more standard now, but the signs are otherwise the same. Just visible in the gore is a signpost; that's shown close-up below:

Cozart/Nitzman, Oct. 2006

The photo below shows a similar assembly, although it was taken from the opposite direction (south on US 41)...

Summa, 1975

...and that was back when Florida was still using colored US route shields.