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End of US highway 116

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Photo credits: Steve Lockwood; me

Approx. time period East terminus West terminus
1926-1933 Ucross, WY Sheridan, WY
1933-1934 Ucross, WY Cody, WY

An original 1926 route, the east end of US 116 was in Ucross WY. The photo below is approaching from Sheridan via eastbound US 14:

Lockwood, Apr. 2006

Today US 14 continues to the left with US 16 to Gillette, and westbound US 16 to Buffalo is to the right. But before US 14 had been extended this far west, this was the east end of US 116. The photo below shows the signage for traffic on eastbound US 16 from Buffalo:

Lockwood, Apr. 2006

The east beginning of US 116 was to the left. Below we're looking down westbound US 14/16 from Gillette:

Lockwood, Apr. 2006

US 16 curves to the left, towards Buffalo. To the right on today's US 14 was originally the beginning of US 116.

For the majority of its short life, the west end of US 116 was in Sheridan. The photo below is looking west on Brundage Lane, at what I assume was the west end of US 116:

me, Mar. 2001

The intersection ahead is Coffeen Avenue, which originally served as US 87E. The shot below is looking south on Coffeen; to the left would've been the west beginning of US 116:

me, Mar. 2001

In 1933 the west end of US 116 was extended to Cody WY, overlapping and retiring US 420. But then US 116 itself was decommissioned just one year later, replaced by a westward extension of US 14. You can view photos from Cody on this page.