End of US highway 118

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Photo credits: Jon Enslin; me
Additional research: Jon Enslin

Approx. time period East terminus West terminus
1926-1938 Dodgeville, WI Dickeyville, WI

In the photo below, we're looking north on WI hwy. 23 in Dodgeville - this is the historic eastern terminus of US 118:

me, Aug. 2005

The cross street (now Iowa County Highway YZ) is the original routing of US 18 east of Dodgeville. US 118 came north on today's WI 23, and it ended at this intersection. In 1938, when US 151 replaced US 118, it was co-signed with US 18 east of Dodgeville to Madison (as it is yet today). At some point after that, US 18 was changed to its current alignment, which runs one block south of this intersection (behind the camera). Below we're looking west on old US 18:

me, Aug. 2005

US 18 continued ahead, joining modern US 18 off in the distance. The east beginning of US 118 was to the left. Heading that direction today, one encounters US 18 after one block, and then the modern US 151 (a newer four-lane road) way off on the south side of town.

The photo below shows the historic western terminus of US 118 in Dickeyville:

Enslin, 2001

Southbound US 61 & WI hwy. 35 come from the right and run straight ahead. At the time of that photo, southbound US 151 came from behind the camera and continued that direction out of Dickeyville (below is a close-up of the assembly at the stop sign):

me, Aug. 2005

That's the perspective of a driver at the historic west end of US 118. The photo below shows the west beginning from the perspective of northbound US 61:

me, Aug. 2005

US 61 angles off to the left, and the west beginning of US 118 was to the right along US 151 (US 118 was decommissioned after it was swallowed up by an extension of US 151). At the time of my visit, the last remaining segment of US 151 that had not yet been four-laned between Madison and Dubuque was the portion through Dickeyville (the new alignment was under construction). The new bypass is now open to traffic, so this intersection is signed differently (US 151 traffic is no longer directed through here).