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End of US highway 217

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Photo credits: Mac Watkins

Approx. time period North terminus South terminus
1927-1932 Wilson, NC Pee Dee, SC

US 217 was among the original routes of 1926. It connected US 76 in Pee Dee SC with US 17-1 in Wilson NC (you can view a photo from there on my US 117 page). The photo below is looking east on US 76/north on US 301 in Pee Dee:

Watkins, Jan. 2008

The south beginning of US 217 was to the left, more or less where US 301 splits off today (although these roads were not four-laned at the time, and there was no grade separation). The sign assembly in the gore is shown close-up below:

Watkins, Jan. 2008

US 217 was decommissioned in 1933, when an extended US 301 took over that corridor. For the first two years or so, the south beginning of US 301 was to the left, but it wasn't long before US 301 was extended further south.