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End of US highway 420

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Photo credits: Tom Grier

Approx. time period East terminus West terminus
1926-1933 Deaver, WY Cody, WY

US 420 was a short connector route between US 20 at Cody and US 310 at Deaver. Most of it was soon swallowed up by an extension of US 14 (now Alt. US 14), but the 11-mile segment between Deaver and Garland was redesignated as Wyoming state highway 114. So the junction where WY 114 ends at US 310/WY 789 is the modern functional equivalent of the historic end of US 420...

Grier, Aug. 2006

...but I suspect US 420 didn't skirt the west side of Deaver (as WY 114 does today). Instead, it probably came into town on 1st Street, then turned north on Central Avenue, crossed the railroad, and ended at US 310. In the photo above, that junction is about a tenth-mile to the right. The photo below was taken from that perspective:

Google Maps Street View, 2008

The west end of US 420 was at its junction with US 20 in Cody WY (you can view photos from there on this page). In about 1933, most of US 420 was retired by a westward extension of US 116... and then the next year, US 116 itself was eliminated by a westward extension of US 14.