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End of US highway 32

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Additional research: Neil Bratney

Approx. time period East terminus West terminus
1926-1931 Chicago, IL (Lincoln Park) Council Bluffs, IA
1932-1934 Chicago, IL (Michigan) Rock Island, IL

The west end of US 32 was originally in Council Bluffs IA; you can view photos from there on this page.

The east end of US 32 was in Chicago... but maps from the late 1920s are a bit unclear about exactly where. You may be aware that Ogden Avenue once extended further northeast than it does today, ending at Lincoln Park. But it seems that segment of the road wasn't used as a highway route until 1932. Prior to that, my best guess is that US 32 was co-signed with US 66 to a common endpoint downtown (you can read more about that on this page).

By 1932, some improvements to Ogden were complete, so US 32 was extended along Ogden, all the way to its end at Clark Street in Lincoln Park (as the 1933 map scan below illustrates):


But Clark wasn't a highway, so US 32 couldn't have ended there. Based on the map above (and corroborated by others), it appears US 32 extended just a bit northwest on Clark, then due north on Lincoln Park West. Then either west on Fullerton Parkway and north on Lakeview Avenue, or else it cut across the southwest side of North Pond to get to Lakeview. Lakeview becomes Sheridan Road, and that carried US 32 up to its endpoint at Lake Shore Drive (US 41). Although the configuration in that area has changed quite a bit since the '20s and '30s, the photos below show the endpoint as it appears today - this first one is looking south on Lake Shore:

Google Maps Street View, 2009

Here, Lake Shore curves to the left, but at right you can see a road going off into the distance: that's Inner Lake Shore, which becomes Sheridan in a couple blocks, so that represents the east beginning of US 32. Another reasonable approximation can be seen one block ahead:

Google Maps Street View, 2009

That's looking south on Inner Lake Shore. The on-ramp to mainline Lake Shore (US 41) can be seen at left, and that's roughly the path that original US 41 followed through here. Straight ahead would've been the beginning of US 32... and later, US 34. You see, in November 1931, the US 6 designation was extended far to the west of its former terminus in Erie PA. West of Princeton IL, it was routed over the top of US 32 through the remainder of that state and through all of Iowa. So US 32 in Iowa was decommissioned that year. However, since there was still a portion of US 32 in Illinois that was separate from US 6 (Princeton - Chicago), the route survived in that state for another two years. During that time, the west end of US 32 was at the Iowa stateline in Rock Island IL (you can view photos from there on this page). Then in 1934, the US 34 designation was extended eastward from Sheffield IL, swallowing up the remainder of US 32. So this junction became the east beginning of US 34. But that too lasted only a few years; you can read more about US 34's history on this page.