End of US highway 430

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Research and/or photo credits: Joe Balsarotti; Rich Carlson; Don Hargraves

Approx. time period North terminus South terminus
1926-1934 (near Crystal Lake, IL) Geneva, IL

US 430 was an original 1926 route, but it was very short-lived. At the time, it was US 12 (not US 14) that was routed through Crystal Lake IL. Until about 1931, US 12 came into town on Smitana Road, then turned north on Sands Road. US 430 came in from the south on Sands, ending at its intersection with Smitana. The photo below is looking west on Smitana:

Balsarotti, Aug. 2010

For about five years, this was westbound US 12, which continued to the right on Sands. To the left on Sands was the original north beginning of US 430.

The 1932 map was the first to show US 12 along today's US 14, but then it went north via modern IL hwy. 31. US 430 came in on IL 31, and ended at today's junction with US 14:

Hargraves, Aug. 2002

Back in 1932, these roads would've had an at-grade intersection, but this is where the north end of US 430 was.

Maps from then show the south end of US 430 at its junction with US 30 in Geneva. This next shot is looking south on IL 31 (historic US 430) at IL 38 (historic US 30):

Hargraves, Aug. 2002

The photo below is looking the opposite direction on IL 31, at what was the south beginning of US 430:

Hargraves, Aug. 2002

US 430's last appearance was on the 1934 official state highway map of Illinois.