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End of US highway 441

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Additional research and/or photo credits: Bobby Clark; Justin Cozart; Robert Droz; Nathan Edgars; H.B. Elkins; Andy Field; Karin and Martin Karner; Dan Moraseski; Dagmar Nelson; Alex Nitzman; me

Approx. time period North terminus South terminus
1926-1935 Ocala, FL Orlando, FL
1935-1948 High Springs, FL Orlando, FL
1948-1949 Baldwin, GA Orlando, FL
1949-1952 Baldwin, GA Miami, FL
1952-present Lake City/Rocky Top, TN Miami, FL

US 441 was an original 1927 highway, but initially it ran only between Orlando and Ocala FL. It's likely that US 441 originally came into Orlando via Edgewater Drive, and then used Lakeview Street to connect with Orange Avenue (which carried US 92). The two routes probably overlapped down to the courthouse (which was on Central Avenue at the time), where US 441 ended, but US 92 continued down Orange towards Kissimmee.

By the 1930s, US 441 had been rerouted to follow its present alignment to the northwest (Orange Blossom Trail). The earliest map I've seen is 1936 (shortly after US 17 had been extended through Orlando, overlapped with US 92); the clarity isn't very good, but it shows the same configuration as the 1939 map below:

FDoT, c. 1939

US 441 turned off Orange Blossom onto Church Street, ending at US 17-92 (Orange Av). The photo below shows a modern perspective of that intersection:

Google Maps Street View, Apr. 2015

The car at lower right is at the historic south end of US 441. The shot below is looking north on Orange:

Google Maps Street View, Apr. 2015

Today that's one-way southbound, but originally Orange carried both directions of US 17-92, and to the left on Church was the south beginning of US 441.

By the 1940s, Orange Blossom Trail was carrying highway traffic south of Orlando (as well as northwest), and Mills Avenue replaced Orange as the corridor for northbound travelers. The 1949 map below indicates that Robinson Avenue was used to connect Mills and Orange Blossom, so US 441 then ended where US 17-92 made that turn:

FDoT, c. 1949

The photo below is looking north on Orange Blossom:

Google Maps Street View, July 2015

US 17-92 once turned to the right on Robinson, so the south beginning of US 441 was straight ahead.

The original north end of US 441 was in Ocala. In 1927, US 41 went through Gainesville and Ocala before heading back west through Dunnellon and Inverness. In Ocala, US 41 came in from the north on Magnolia Street. At Broadway Avenue, US 41 went west, but straight ahead on Magnolia was the north beginning of US 441. The photo below is looking the opposite direction (north on Magnolia):

Droz, Dec. 2006

Magnolia is one-way southbound now (despite the streetsign for Broadway facing northbound traffic). This was the original north end of US 441 - straight ahead was northbound US 41, and southbound US 41 was to the left.

In 1935 US 41 was rerouted along its current path through Newberry and Williston, so the US 441 designation was extended straight ahead (north along what had been US 41) to a new endpoint in High Springs. It ended at its junction with US 41/US 27, right in the middle of town (Main Street and N. 1st Avenue). The photo below is looking east on 1st Av, or south on US 27:

Nitzman, June 2006

US 27 turns right on Main with southbound US 41. Straight ahead was once the north beginning of US 441. That route now follows Santa Fe Boulevard, which joins 1st about six blocks ahead - hence the "TO US 441" sign in the distance.

In 1948 the north end of US 441 was extended to Baldwin GA. The photo below was taken looking southwest on Willingham Avenue:

Nelson, Oct. 2007

That was once southbound US 23, and to the left on Stonepile Street was once the north beginning of US 441. However, that lasted for only about four years, because in 1952 the north end of US 441 was extended again, this time to its current terminus in Tennessee. At the time, the town was called Lake City, but in 2014 its toponym was officially changed to Rocky Top. The photo below shows where US 441 ends, although there was no sign to announce it at the time of my first visit...

me, Oct. 2000

...nor by the time of my second visit (although the assembly itself had been changed):

me, July 2007

US 25W is routed along Main Street/Main Avenue (it was impossible to tell which is correct, as the street signs in town were about evenly split between the two variations). The shot below shows the north beginning of US 441 (or "Norris Freeway", which is not really much of a freeway by today's standards), from southbound US 25W:

me, July 2007

The interchange with I-75 is about a quarter-mile to the left. The photo below is from the opposite direction (northbound):

Elkins, Oct. 2008

If you take that right turn, you'll immediately encounter the first southbound confirming assembly:

me, July 2007

Now, back to Florida: the 1949 map shown above was the last to indicate an Orlando endpoint for US 441, because that's when that route was extended to its current terminus in Miami. Today US 441 heads due south from the Palm Beach area, parallel to the Atlantic Coast. When it reaches the Miami area, it is routed down NW 7th Av. The road jogs as it crosses the Miami River and becomes 8th Av. It crosses westbound US 41 at the one-way SW 7th St, and then the US 441 designation ends at SW 8th St, which serves as eastbound US 41:

Cozart/Nitzman, May 2006

In the photo above, the view is south on SW 8th Av, and the cross street is SW 8th St. That assembly has since been replaced with the one pictured below:

Karners, Dec. 2009

In 2006 Alex reported there was no signage heralding the south beginning of US 441 from either 8th St or 7th St. As of 2009, that was still true of 8th St, but a new signpost had been erected on 7th:

Karners, Dec. 2009

Kind of interesting that southbound US 441 is mentioned there, since it ends one block in that direction. If you turn right, you'll immediately spot the first northbound confirming marker:

Karners, Dec. 2009

That was also posted after 2006.