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Current and historic north ends of US highway 183 at Presho SD

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Photo credits: me

In about 1970, the US 183 designation was cut back to Presho (from its maximum historic extent at Vivian, about 14 miles to the west). At the time, US 16 was still commissioned through South Dakota, so my guess would be that the end of US 183 was originally at US 16 (not I-90, as it is today). About ten years later, when US 16 was decommissioned east of Rapid City, then the US 183 designation would've been cut back to the interchange at I-90 (exit 226). Below are some photos from the area, taken in March 2004. This first one is looking at the current north beginning, as seen from eastbound I-90:

(Notice how this exit is not signed for Presho this direction; there's an exit 225 for that purpose.) Down at the bottom of the offramp, if you turn right, you'll see the first southbound confirming marker:

The mileage sign in the distance says:

Jct. SD 44: 32
Winner: 44

Heading the opposite direction, there's an "End" sign posted at the I-90 interchange:

Visible in the distance is a stop sign: that's at historic US 16, and I'm guessing the US 183 designation ended there for about 10 years. Below is a closer shot:

Old US 16 is the crossroad; this was probably an old terminus of US 183. (Incidentally, straight ahead in about 1/2 mile, that gravel road becomes what could possibly be an even older alignment of US 16: after crossing Medicine Creek, it curves east towards Kennebec. But by the time US 183 ended here, the newer US 16 had probably been built.)

Below we're looking east on old US 16; to the right used to be the north beginning of US 183:

Turning that direction, you meet I-90 in about 1/4 mile... and the modern north beginning of US 183:

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