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Map of US highway 1 and family

US 1 is represented by the purple line from Ft. Kent ME to Key West FL.

US 101 is not shown on this map because - despite its number - it's not a branch of US 1. In fact, it's about as far away from US 1 as you can get; you can view a map of US 101 here.

US 201 is the blue line from near Jackman to Brunswick ME.

US 301 is the blue line from Glasgow DE (near Wilmington) to Sarasota FL.

The remaining current and historic branches of US 1 are represented by the cluster of blue and red lines in Virginia and the Carolinas (US 401 [I], US 401 [II], US 401 [III], US 501, US 601, and US 701). Rather than trying to describe them using the map below, I've tried to untangle these routes a bit by isolating them on three separate maps, which you can view on this page (about 114 k).