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Map of US highway 10 and family, with US 14

US 10 is represented by the purple line running from West Fargo ND to Bay City MI. The red lines extending east and west of those points are the historic extents of US 10. Through Minnesota, US 10 now follows what was once designated US 10-N; historic US 10-S is shown in red. Likewise, historic split routes in Montana and historic alternate routes through the Northwest are shown in red.

US 110 (historic) is the red line from Oshkosh to Fremont WI.

US 210 (historic) is the red line from Carlton to Motley MN.

US 310 is the blue line from Laurel MT to Greybull WY.

US 410 (historic) is the red line from Lewiston ID to Aberdeen WA.

US 14 is also shown on this map: the purple line from Yellowstone to Chicago. Its alternate routes in South Dakota and Wyoming are shown in blue.