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Map of US highway 30 and family, with US 28

US 30 is represented by the purple line running from Astoria OR to Atlantic City NJ. Its historic routes and alternate routes are shown in red. In both Ohio and Wyoming/Idaho, US 30 now follows what was once designated US 30-N; historic US 30-S is shown in red.

US 130 is the blue line from New Brunswick to Deepwater NJ (near Wilmington DE).

US 230 (historic) is the red line from Lancaster to Harrisburg PA.

US 330 (historic) is the red line heading west from Sterling IL to Chicago and then south to US 30.

US 430 (historic) is the red line from Aurora to Richmond IL.

US 530 (historic) is the red line from Echo Jct. to Kimball Jct. UT (near Park City).

US 630 (historic) was too short to show up at this scale, but it was part of the red line near Weiser ID.

US 730 is the blue line from Boardman OR to Wallula Jct. WA.

US 830 (historic) is the red line from Maryhill to Naselle WA.

US 28 (historic) is also shown on this map (the red line from Florence to Ontario OR).