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Map of US highway 41 and family

US 41 is represented by the purple line from Miami to Copper Harbor MI. Originally US 41 followed the dashed line between Ocala and High Springs FL; US 441 uses that route today.

US 141 is the blue line beginning near Covington MI. Its current southern terminus is in Bellevue WI (near Green Bay); the red line south of there to Milwaukee is the historic extent of US 141.

US 241 [I] (historic) ran from Hopkinsville KY to Nashville TN along what is now designated US 41 (purple line). At the time, US 41 was routed along the blue line between the two cities, which is now designated Alternate US 41.

US 241 [II] (historic) is the red line from Murfreesboro TN to Dothan AL.

US 341 is the blue line from Brunswick to Barnesville GA.

US 441 is the blue line from Lake City TN to Miami. The route not signed through Great Smoky Mountains National Park, so I've indicated the implied route of US 441 with a dashed line.

US 541 (historic) ran along the red line through Tampa, and then followed the purple line (now US 41) down to Palmetto FL (near Memphis). At the time, US 41 followed the red line between Tampa and Memphis (now US 301).

US 641 is the blue line beginning near Clifton TN. Its current northern terminus is in Marion KY; the red line north of there to Evansville IN is the historic extent of US 641.