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Map of US highway 83 family

(Note: the two maps below are intended to display side-by-side. If you have a smaller monitor, the second map may display underneath the first.)

The map on the left shows the early routings of US 83 and US 183. Compare that to the map on the right, which shows later routings (after about 1940), which was when 83 and 183 essentially swapped places through South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas:

US 83 is the purple line from near Westhope ND to Brownsville TX.

US 183 is the blue line beginning in Refugio TX. Its current northern terminus is in Presho SD; the red line west of there to Vivian is the historic extent of US 183. From Albany TX, US 183 originally went due south through Brady to Junction.

US 283 is the blue line from Lexington NE to near Brady TX. The red line from Albany TX through Cisco and Brady to Junction was the original route of US 283.

US 383 (historic) ran from Oakley KS to Elm Creek NE, along what was originally US 83. The segment shown in red on this map was the only part of US 383 that was not co-signed with other x83 routes.